DefenseLite - Window Protection

Make Your Windows Virtually Impenetrable With DefenseLite

  • Secure Vulnerable Entry Points
    Installed over any existing window or door opening, DefenseLite creates an indestructible barrier 250 times stronger than glass.
  • Deny Entry to Criminals
    The patented technology features a virtually invisible security shield engineered to keep intruders out.
  • Get Expert Installation by the Elite Team
    Experience the maximum benefits of DefenseLite when installed by our experienced technicians.

Looking for innovative solutions to protect your business? Storefront glass windows and doors are particularly prone to attack when riots break out because they’re an easy target for smash and grab looters. DefenseLite is an advanced forced entry protection system that combines the best of material science with an easy-to-retrofit solution. When installed properly over windows and doors, this system has proven time and time again that would-be attackers are no match for its level of protection.

Whether you have just one large display window or need to secure an entire building, DefenseLite is 100% customizable to meet your aesthetic needs and desires – especially when you work with the friendly experts at Elite Security Glazing!

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How DefenseLite Protects Your Windows From Forced Entry

DefenseLite is a highly durable polycarbonate shield that mounts onto any of your existing windows or door openings.

Engineered to stop entry with proprietary high-optic UV coated shields, multi-layer thin films, and tough structural adhesives and anchors, DefenseLite will not break or fracture under attack, stopping the threat on the outside of your building.

DefenseLite security shield protects your school, storefront, or office from:

  • Forced entry
  • Wind storms and airborne projectiles
  • Solar radiation (ultraviolet and infrared rays)
  • Street noise

Anatomy of the DefenseLite System

Diagram of how DefenseLite window system is built
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How Is DefenseLite Installed?

DefenseLite is installed over your existing window or door opening, mounted either on the exterior or interior of the glass. When anchored to the existing window frame, an airspace is created between the primary glass and the DefenseLite clear shield.

Weather sealed and engineered to be removable when needed, DefenseLite is custom made for every window or door and designed to blend into the existing framing. Once installed, it’s nearly invisible.

Retrofit Forced Entry Protection for Glazing

DefenseLite combines scientifically proven technology with aesthetically pleasing looks and easy installation. Contact us today to learn more about this affordable and versatile product – we’re here to help!


DefenseLite is a .220” polished surface, UV stabilized, transparent polycarbonate security shield. It features outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, high-temperature resistance, and visual clarity. This lightweight thermoformable sheet is easy to fabricate and customize for any window or door opening.


The custom extruded frame system includes fasteners, high-bond adhesives, and structural caulk. It mounts onto the existing building glazing system.


DefenseLite is offered with a minimum two-year parts and labor warranty. Polycarbonate shields have a minimum seven-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Commercial and industrial glazing
  • Interior or exterior window and door openings
  • Curtain wall
  • Architectural grade polycarbonate shield (.220”)
  • Aluminum extrusion (.063”)
  • Security fasteners
  • Bronze, aluminum, and white trim colors
  • Extended warranty
  • Sacrificial surface applied protective film
  • Audible impact alarm
  • Anodized finish

Other Window Protection Products From Elite Security Glazing

At Elite Security Glazing, we rate our window protection products as good, better, and best. DefenseLite is our “better” solution because it’s a step above security window film, but while it has proven to stop small-caliber rounds, it’s not as bulletproof as BulletShield.

Good: 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films

3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are applied directly to your existing glass and designed to delay entry through windows and doors. Properly installed, security window film can delay entry for 15-45 seconds, making it an excellent deterrent for smash-and-grab crime.

Best: BulletShield

For the most advanced window protection, we can create a bulletproof barrier with BulletShield, the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite with UL 752 ballistic ratings.

When you’re searching for a retrofit security glazing solution to protect against forced entry, it’s best to compare your options side by side. Experiencing the differences in performance is the only way you’ll know you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for, which is why we always offer free consultations!

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Contact Elite Security Glazing for Advanced Window Protection

At Elite Security Glazing, we understand every business has unique needs and desires regarding window protection. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable solutions to increase security and safety at your property.

Want to learn more about DefenseLite and other window protection products installed by our Elite team? Check out our product demo videos, and feel free to contact us today with any questions!