Get to Know Your Window Protection Experts

Elite Security Glazing comes to you from the owners of Sun Control of Minnesota, a family-owned and operated business providing professional window tinting services for more than 40 years, with locations in St. Paul and Rochester, Minnesota and Hudson, Wisconsin.

At Sun Control, 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are among our top-selling products. However, in recent years, we’ve noticed a growing need for more advanced window protection – the kind that’s virtually impenetrable or even bulletproof. We founded Elite Security Glazing to provide state-of-the-art safety and security window solutions for businesses, along with the high-quality customer service and expert installation our Sun Control customers already know well.

We are a 3M-certified, full-service company with an in-house team that does our printing and cutting, which cuts down on lead-times and costs while allowing for limitless customizations. No matter the shape or size of your existing windows, we can enhance them with various innovative treatments.

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