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Security Film Video
  • 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films prevent shattering from accidental or intentional impact.
  • If a window does shatter, security film holds the glass together, making it harder to gain entry.
  • Available in different grades for thickness and level of protection.
  • Stretch to prevent tearing and come with 3M’s comprehensive warranty.


Bullet-Resistant Glass Video
  • DefenseLite creates an indestructible barrier that’s 250 times stronger than glass.
  • The polycarbonate, clear security shield is durable enough to withstand small-caliber rounds.
  • Virtually invisible and installed over any window or door opening.
  • 100% customizable to meet your aesthetic needs and desires.


Unbreakable Glass Video
  • Bulletshield is the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite with UL 752 ballistic ratings.
  • Mounts onto existing windows and doors and flexes under attack, keeping bullets and bad guys out.
  • Protects the most targeted areas – glass – with eight levels of escalating protection.
  • The custom-extruded aluminum frame creates a buffer zone to protect your original glass.

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Minnesota’s Window Protection Experts

Storefront glass windows and doors are particularly prone to attack when riots break out because they’re an easy target for smash and grab looters.

Our storefront riot protection products can withstand numerous impacts from thrown objects and weapons like hammers and axes to keep looters and rioters away from your merchandise.

Elite Security Glazing comes to you from the owners of Sun Control of Minnesota. We saw a need to provide more advanced safety and security window solutions for businesses, along with the high-quality customer service and expert installation our customers already know well.

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