BulletShield - Bullet Resistant Glazing

BulletShield is a specially designed film that is engineered to provide exceptional protection against ballistic threats, including bullets, blasts, and other types of impacts. The film is made from multiple layers of tough, high-tech materials that are bonded together to create a durable, flexible shield that can withstand extreme forces. BulletShield is an excellent choice for clients who require maximum protection against potential threats, including government agencies, military installations, and high-security buildings.

BulletShield Security Film is a safety and security window film that offers protection against a range of threats such as bullet impacts, explosions, and forced entry attempts. The film is multi-layered and includes an optically clear adhesive layer, a tear-resistant film layer, and a high-strength mounting adhesive layer. The film is typically installed on the interior of windows and glass doors to reinforce them against break-ins, bomb blasts, and ballistic threats in commercial and residential buildings.

The Testing.

BulletShield Security Film undergoes rigorous testing and certification by independent organizations to ensure its effectiveness against various threats. It meets UL 752 standards for ballistic resistance against bullets and projectiles and ASTM E1886 and E1996 standards for impact resistance against hurricane-force winds and debris. Additionally, the film has undergone thorough testing and analysis to demonstrate its effectiveness against explosive blasts, which can cause severe damage to buildings and harm occupants.

The Advantage.

The key advantage of BulletShield Security Film is its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional security measures like bullet-resistant glass and metal reinforcements. The film can be installed on existing windows and doors without the need for extensive renovations or replacements. Furthermore, the film is practically invisible once installed, which means it does not interfere with the aesthetic appeal of the building or obstruct natural light. This makes it an attractive option for businesses and organizations that want to enhance their security without compromising on their building's appearance or functionality.

BulletShield Security Film is a reliable and effective solution for enhancing the safety and security of commercial and residential buildings. Its multi-layered construction and extensive testing and certification ensure that it can withstand a range of threats, including bullets, blasts, and forced entry attempts. Its cost-effectiveness and unobtrusive nature make it a desirable option for businesses and organizations that want to improve their security without detracting from their building's appearance or functionality.


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