February 22, 2024

Unmatched Forced Entry Protection

DefenseLite undergoes a series of independent laboratory tests conducted by accredited organizations. These tests simulate real-world break-in attempts.
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While traditional security measures like alarms and cameras can deter some criminals, they don't really prevent them from gaining entry if they're filled with determination.

DefenseLite offers unmatched forced entry protection, providing a robust barrier that deters and significantly hinders even the most persistent intruders. But what makes DefenseLite so effective?

The Certifications:

DefenseLite systems have gone through rigorous testings to achieve these certification and grant you peace of mind..

  • UL Bullet Resisting: DefenseLite is available in various levels of bullet resistance, offering protection against specific calibers of firearms. There are multiple options that can be customized to your requested specifications and budget.
  • ASTM Standards: The system complies with relevant ASTM International standards for impact resistance and forced entry protection.
  • Building Code Compliance: Since DefenseLite is made to be retrofitted onto your business, we have to make sure the system meets various building code requirements, ensuring its suitability for different commercial and residential properties.

ASTM Standards

Impact Testing:

DefenseLite doesn't shy away from the toughest challenges. Unlike some security solutions that might only offer basic protection against everyday tools, DefenseLite undergoes rigorous impact testing designed to simulate real-world scenarios far exceeding typical break-in attempts. This testing involves using objects with significantly higher force, mimicking the actions of determined criminals wielding heavy tools.

It meticulously analyzes various factors, including the size, weight, and velocity of the impacting object. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that DefenseLite is effective against a wide range of attack scenarios, providing unwavering protection regardless of the force or tool used. By going beyond the basics and undergoing such rigorous testing, DefenseLite offers unparalleled peace of mind, knowing your property is shielded against even the most extreme threats.

Sustained Attack Testing:

DefenseLite goes the extra mile. It undergoes sustained attack testing, simulating real-world situations where criminals might relentlessly attempt to gain entry for extended periods. This rigorous testing process pushes the system to its limits, ensuring it can withstand persistent attacks and deter even the most determined intruders.

By enduring these continuous assaults, DefenseLite demonstrates its exceptional structural integrity. The system is built to maintain its strength and stability even under prolonged pressure, preventing breaches and safeguarding your property. This unwavering performance under sustained attacks provides unmatched confidence that your valuables and loved ones are protected, even in the face of persistent criminal attempts.

Investing in Confidence:

Choosing DefenseLite is an investment in peace of mind and confidence. Knowing your property is protected by a system that has undergone rigorous testing and proven its effectiveness against various break-in attempts allows you to focus on what matters most.

Remember: While DefenseLite offers exceptional protection, it's essential to consider a layered security approach. Combining DefenseLite with other security measures like alarms, cameras, and proper lighting can create a comprehensive security system that further deters and prevents potential break-ins.

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