March 29, 2023

The Different Tiers of Protection

We offer 3 different security window solutions which are, Security Film, DefenseLite, and BulletShield. Each solution offers a different level of protection.
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Motion detectors and video surveillance devices are designed to either deter break - ins or detect them when they occur. However this may not be enough to scare off an intruder who is insistent on breaking in. Here at Elite Security Glazing, we are experts in the window film industry. We have built a strong reputation for providing top notch safe and secure window solutions. We offer 3 different security window solutions which are, Security Film, DefenseLite, and BulletShield. Each solution offers a different level of protection.

Our standard tier of protection is called Security Film. This film will provide 15 to 45 seconds of added security which in return will give you more time to respond. This makes it difficult for intruders and vandals to break into your property. Our technicians will install 3M security window films, which are an ultra - durable micro - layered polyester product, which goes directly onto your windows. This film is designed to hold the fragments of glass together if the glass is broken. Our security window film also is available in different colors and different levels of UV protection and light permeation, which can fade interiors and cause cancer. This is great for homes and small businesses.

The second tier of protection we offer is called DefenseLite. DefenseLite is a unbreakable shield that enhances your protection 250 times more than normal glass. Its a highly durable poly-carbonate designed to protect schools, storefronts, and offices. Our experts will mount it onto any windows or door openings providing a layer of added security. Not only does it provide added security to your building, but it has additional benefits such as adding a layer of thermal insulation to your glazing, and street noise reduction. DefenseLite utilizes both abrasion resistant applied coatings and retrofit UV sacrificial thin-film laminates to protect the surface of the surface panel from scratching and degradation.

The third and final tier we offer is our best and ultimate security solution for your business. BulletShield is a bullet- resistant poly carbonate panel that can be installed over your existing windows and doors. Its clear and impenetrable layer provides maximum visibility and resistance against a range of bullets, ensuring the best protection for your business. Bullet shield is ideal for businesses, schools, government buildings, police stations and more. This will defeat most attacks, while also protecting the primary glass from breaking. Bullet shield is not glass and will not fracture during attacks. It is often known as the body armor for windows.

By offering three different tiers of Window security, its easy to see why Elite Security Glazing is the best choice for your security needs. We have over 40 years experience and have established ourselves as experts in professional window film and glazing. We are a fully-certified 3M company that has a a dedicated in house team for cutting and printing. No window size or shape is a challenge for us. We have videos of our product demonstrations all over our website that you can see what our products look like and how they hold up against attacks.  Book a free consultation today to discuss what your business needs.