How To Prepare Your Business For Civil Unrest

How To Prepare Your Business For Civil Unrest

In the past few years, more and more cities and businesses have been forced to deal with the detrimental aftermath of enduring varying forms of civil unrest. Between May 25 and November 10 of 2020 alone, approximately 4,446 cities in the U.S. experienced protests and riots, which contributed to estimations of overall damage and insurance losses being determined to be between $1-$2 billion, as a result of all the public chaos. Unfortunately, when the dust settles after the streets are finally cleared and the violence ceases, businesses are stuck with paying the ultimate price for all this disorderly behavior.

While taking active security measures such as installing sufficient window protection or bullet resistant glass to protect the exterior of your business from rioters and looters is crucial, there are a number of other factors business owners need to consider when facing an impending riot. If you’re suspecting or knowing your city or town is about to endure protests and possible riots, here’s a checklist to help you efficiently prepare your business for withstanding civil unrest.

Create a Plan

It’s easy to put off preparing for the worst until it’s too late. Creating a plan for you, your business, and your employees in the event of experiencing civil unrest will help things run as smoothly as possible when chaos begins to arise. This plan can include determining any of the following details:

●        Escape routes or safe rooms

●        Communication channels between employees and commercial neighbors

●        Chain of command for preventive duties and measures

●        Securing both exterior and interior premises

●        Shutting off utility services, such as gas, electrical, and water

●        Determining when it’s safe to reopen

The more details you can square away with you and your staff, the more organized and prepared your business will be in the event of an emergency.

Stay in the Loop

The only way you can adequately prepare for a possible riot is by actively keeping track of signs, indications, or proceedings that protests are set to take place near your business. Social media is commonly used as a gathering place for protest organizers to spread information regarding protest locations and marching routes.

If you have a Twitter account, use the hashtag search to find out if protests are being organized in your city by searching the name of your city followed by protests, with a hashtag preceding both words (example: #MinneapolisProtests). If your business has a Facebook page, search for protest organizations in your area to see if they’re posting about any upcoming events or gatherings around your neighborhood. Even a quick Google search for protest events in your city can keep you informed about any protest happenings about to take place in your neck of the woods.

Form Neighborly Alliances

If you don’t know your commercial neighbors already, now’s the time to get acquainted with them. Working together with other nearby businesses to prepare for possible rioting and looting will only aim to benefit you in the long run. Set up a neighborhood watch text messaging group or Facebook page to share any updates or information amongst you and your neighborhood store owners. Get everyone’s emergency contact information, and be in communication with one another on sharing resources, equipment, or even a helping hand if forced to board up windows and entrances. The more friends you make during the calm before a storm, you more help you’ll have access to when that storm strikes.

Secure Your Premises

Establishing connections, information sources, and clear lines of communication are essential to preparing your business for civil unrest. But professionally securing your premises before people hit the streets is certainly the safest and most effective way to protect your store or office from rioters and looting. Boosting your business’s exterior defense by investing in preventative measures such as security window film or shatterproof glass is what can potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage and burglaries. These sufficient security options are essentially the last line of defense when it comes to protecting your business from civil unrest.

Prepare Your Business With Elite Security Glazing

Peace of mind is a quality always worth investing in. If you’re interested in all the ways you can protect your business from civil unrest, let Elite Security Glazing enhance your commercial security measures with our variety of top-selling protective products. Contact us today to book a free consultation, or give us a call at 651-490-1060 to find out how Elite Security Glazing can defend your business from any worst case scenario. 

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