What Is Security Window Film?
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What Is Security Window Film?

You may never know when you’ll need efficient window protection, but once it’s too late, you’ll definitely wish you’d been more prepared. Whether it’s experiencing burglarization or theft (which impacts a reported 20% of all small businesses), being a victim of vandalization (which costs an average of $3,370 per incident), or enduring storm damage (which annually causes over $54 billion worth of damage in the U.S.), you never know when or how accidental or intentional window defacement will strike.

If you’re trying to avoid potential window or glass damage, the important thing to always consider is trying to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible. For preventive purposes, that’s where investing in security window film will drastically reduce your odds of enduring the hardships of repair costs, installation fees, and insurance claims when dealing with window damage.

There are a variety of protective advantages security window film will provide for your commercial glass surfaces, and knowing how this revolutionary safeguarding solution works can help better appreciate your investment. Let’s break down how security window film enhances glass protection and why it’s an essential line of defense for your business.

What Is Security Window Film Made Out Of?

Security window film acts like an extremely narrow coat of armor for glass surfaces, that’s nearly undetectable by the human eye. Here at Elite Security Glazing, we specialize in installing window security films that are manufactured by the innovative researchers at 3M Company.

Their state-of-the-art security films are produced through microscopic polyester-based layers, which work together as a binding agent to form a tear-resistant, shatterproof applicant that’s installed directly upon the windows. Our security window films generally range between 2 to 23 millimeters in thickness, depending on your preferred level of protection.

What Are the Advantages of Security Window Film?

Once security window film is professionally installed upon your windows by our expertly trained technicians, you’ve instantly strengthened the safety and security of your glass surface. You can boil down the advantages of installing security window film into four distinct benefits:

●        Prevention of shattered glass

●        Significant delayment of criminal entry

●        Protection against UV radiation and light permeation

●        Minimal alteration of window appearance

Let’s say a burglar tries to take a rock to your window. An unprotected window would instantly shatter, break, and fall, whereas security film protected windows would keep shattering at a remarkable minimum, keeping any glass that cracks in place and intact. This in turn would deny entry to an intruder for an extended period of time, delaying a break-in by upwards of 45 seconds and allowing for sufficient time to respond to the burglar.

Security window film also provides environmental protection from harmful UV rays or light pollution, which over time can cause possible retinal damage, immune system oppression, or skin cancer.  But perhaps the most overlooked advantage to the peace of mind provided by security window film is that you can hardly notice it’s been installed, meaning the appearance of your business won’t be compromised, as it would using window bars or plywood boards.

Is Security Window Film Right for Your Business?

At Elite Security Glazing, we consider security window film to be a crucial first step in property damage prevention solutions. While it may not be as impenetrable as DefenseLite shields or as bullet-resistant as Bulletshield window protection, security window film will do wonders for defending your commercial glass windows against unforeseen damage and setbacks.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how security window film can protect your place of business, contact us online today to book a free consultation, or call us at 651-490-1060 to have your security questions answered by our staff or professionally trained technicians. 

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