How to Protect Your Glass to Save Your Business
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How to Protect Your Glass to Save Your Business

Sufficient window protection not only boosts your protection against burglars, looters, and other vandalous criminals, but often serves as the last line of defense of separating intruders from unlawfully infiltrating your place of business. Glass windows are arguably the most common point of entry for trespassers, as well as an easy target to break, shatter, or smash in the event of a riot. In fact, from May 26 to June 8, 2020 alone, there was an estimated $2 billion worth of insurance losses across the country due to civil unrest, much of that amount stemming from glass and window damage.  

This is primarily because many business owners don’t provide adequate precautionary methods and appliances to safely secure their glass windows. Whether you’re caught in a bind and need last minute defense shields for your windows, or you’re thinking ahead and trying to avoid sweeping up shattered glass outside your store, understanding resourceful methods to prevent catastrophic damage can keep your windows in tact and your business unscathed in the event of a worse case scenario.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can protect your glass with necessary security window options, and in turn, possibly save your business. 

Roll-Down Shutters & Shades

A common sight for protecting commercial glass windows are roll-down shutters or shades. You’ll typically see these in malls or high foot-traffic areas in larger metropolitan cities. They can be a suitable window security option in the sense that any vulnerable glass will be shielded throughout non-business hours, and won’t necessarily diminish the overall appearance of your store while it's open.

While roll-down shutters and shades can provide moderate window protection, skilled thieves, burglars, and vandals can always find their way around them, and they often provide an accessible canvas for graffiti artists to deface your property.

Boarding Windows

Generally used as a last resort, plywood sheets are a common source for last-minute glass window security. Boarding up the windows of your business can definitely save you money in the long run, and in the event that a storm or riot has ceased, can be easily removed with a little extra labor. However, the setbacks to boarding up windows can easily accumulate.

For starters, they give off an extremely unappealing appearance for your business. They can also be easily removed by looters exerting a decent amount of force, and having to repeatedly install and detach them for security purposes can be taxing. It’s easier to think of window boarding as a band-aid when it comes to window protection. But when your store is susceptible to severe scenarios such as riot damages or robbery, you’ll wish you had more than a band-aid to stop the bleeding.

Security Bars & Gates

Any areas of vulnerable glass may benefit from security bars or gates covering up the windows. These precautionary accessories often work best with smaller windows or glass panes, but generally are not suitable or sizeable for larger glass areas or display windows for retail businesses.

Security bars or gates can certainly reduce the odds of experiencing a break-in or robbery, however, the open spaces between the bars or gates will still leave glass areas susceptible to being smashed or shattered.

Security Window Film

A practically guaranteed way to protect all the glass windows of your business is with security window film. These polyester-based, micro-layered films are directly applied over any desired glass surface, exponentially increasing the amount of penetration required to shatter or break the instant it’s installed.

Best of all, security window film won’t alter the appearance of your business the same way all the aforementioned solutions will, so you can drastically boost your store’s protection without sacrificing any visual integrity.

DefenseLite Shield

If you’re in need of top-of-the-line window protection, then providing your glass windows with DefenseLite shields is just about as secure as it gets. DefenseLite is a highly durable polycarbonate shield that can be latched on to your business’s glass surfaces, equipping your windows with a protective armor found to be 250 times stronger and more resistant than regular glass.

In the event of someone attempting to break-in or a severe storm, DefenseLite shields will not break or fracture under extreme levels of force or stress, and are also designed to be easily removed whenever necessary.

Upgrade Your Glass Window Protection Today

Why wait for disaster to strike your business? Keep your glass windows secure and safe by letting Elite Security Glazing equip your store or company with the latest innovative window security technology.

Reach out to us online today to see which window protection solutions are best suited for your business, or give us a call at 651-490-1060 to book a free consultation with our team of security experts.  

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