How to Keep an Active Shooter Out of Your Building
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How to Keep an Active Shooter Out of Your Building

Out of all the security measures we can take, there is no level of precaution, experience, or safeguard that can adequately prepare you for dealing with an active shooter. An active shooter is generally classified as an individual appearing to intentionally inflict harm on others while using a firearm, and there is generally no motive or reasoning for their acts of violence. While this severity of scenario may seem extreme, the fact of the matter is that these types of attacks happen more often than you would think.

According to the FBI, there have been over 275 active shooter incidents in the past two decades, resulting in approximately 2,430 casualties. While the relative rise of active shooter cases in the 21st century has spawned companies and universities alike to install official instructions and protocol to respond to this scenario, participating in active shooter prevention courses aren’t generally mandatory for employees or students. This begs to question how many lives could be saved if everyone understood the necessary precautions and teachings that could possibly work toward eliminating the threat of a rampant killer. It also raises alarms as to what security protection solutions commercial or educational buildings offer in the event of these catastrophes.

Response training aside, one of the best ways to prevent an active shooter from inflicting harm is by boosting your building’s first line of defense. This can be done by investing in advanced exterior protection products, like window security film or bullet-resistant shields for windows and doors, which significantly increase the odds of safety and security.

To adequately prepare for the worst, here are a few preventative measures and innovative products that can help keep an active shooter from infiltrating your building.

Develop a Plan

First things first, it’s crucial to conceive an appropriate course of actions to follow in the event of an active shooter infiltrating your building. This includes determining a hideout or lockout location (in the event that evacuation isn’t possible or safe) that should possess the following attributes:

●        Provides shelter from a shooter’s path or view

●        Provide a stable, impenetrable barrier in the event that the shooter becomes aware of the location

●        Phone lines, cell service, and Wi-Fi are available and accessible

●        A last resort escape route is available (lockable windows, fire escapes, etc.)

In addition to establishing a safe room, a suitable escape route should be plotted as well. When all these precautions are instituted, executing a drill to test out the plan and making everyone aware and experienced is highly recommended.

Secure Your Windows

An easy way to impede an active shooter’s access into a building is through increasing the durability and security of the windows. Sufficient window protection can be achieved through multiple ways, including:

●        GOOD: Security Window Film

Security window film works to prolong entry to a shooter, possibly dissuading them from intruding altogether. Because it’s designed to help prevent shattering and hold glass together in the event that windows do break, window film also reduces incidents of shard-inflicted wounds. 

●        BETTER: Indestructible Barriers

Applying indestructible barrier technology like DefenseLite over vulnerable entry points will boost your building’s line of defense against forced entry. This form of window protection is proven to be more than 250 stronger than glass, stopping threats on the outside of your building.

●        BEST: Bullet-Resistant Shields

Bullet-resistant glazing is often referred to as “body armor for windows.” By professionally installing bullet-resistant polycarbonate panels over your windows, you can create an impenetrable layer over any vulnerable glass. BulletShield, the product we recommend and install, has been field tested to adequately shield people against stray bullets, including 9MM, .44 Magnum, and AR-15 ammunition.

Effective Detection Equipment

Once your shelter and evacuation plan is set and you’ve installed the necessary security precautions, it will never hurt to consider equipping your building with effective intruder detection equipment. This means anything from security cameras, surveillance video recording, or burglar alarms. Utilizing these resources may provide the necessary warning to make people within your building aware of an active shooter’s presence.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Why risk leaving your building vulnerable to this absolutely horrific scenario? If you're serious about taking the appropriate precautions to protect you and your peers from the risk of an active shooter, then contact Elite Security Glazing today for advanced window protection! We supply and install state-of-the-art safety and security window solutions for businesses throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Book a free consultation online, or call 651-490-1060 to speak to one of our expert technicians!

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