5 Ways to Prevent Looting at Your Business
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5 Ways to Prevent Looting at Your Business

It’s easy to assume your business will never endure the traumatizing and tolling experience of being looted. More often than not, store owners believe that installing a few burglar alarms or setting up some security cameras will be enough to defend their stores or offices from harm’s way. However, many companies have had to learn the hard way of leaving a workplace vulnerable to attack after recent displays of rioting and civil unrest from all over the country.

Reports show that looting, burglary, and other forms of forced property damage affected metropolitan businesses at exceptionally high rates in 2020. During the summer of 2020 alone, it was estimated that damage conducted by looting, including vandalism, stolen inventory, and cleanup efforts cost businesses from the 20 largest metropolitan populations in the U.S. over $400 million dollars. These unprecedented and unprepared acts of destruction left thousands of small businesses, stores, and companies across the country reeling from disaster.

This is why a “better safe than sorry” approach is crucial to protect your business. Whether it’s investing in state-of-the-art security window film or understanding how bullet-resistant shields deny entry to armed intruders, taking the necessary precautionary actions to defend you and your workplace against possible looting will only help you in the long run.

Let’s take a closer look at five efficient ways to prevent looting at your business!

1. Assess the Premises

Before you invest in any security technology or appliances, it’s important to look at your business through the eyes of a criminal. To put it simply, look at your workplace from the outside and think to yourself, “Where would I break and enter?”

Scan your business during the daytime for any areas you seem could be vulnerable to break-in, and take a look during nighttime to determine any dimly lit or out-of-sight spots that would make it easy for looters to infiltrate their way inside.

From the inside, evaluate which areas inside your store are the most susceptible to be damaged or stolen in the event of looting, and start preparing your interior premises for a worst case scenario. It’s highly recommended to minimize the amount of valuables and money in your business as much as possible.

2. Acquire Resources for Evidence or Discouragement 

If you haven’t already done so, equipping your business with security cameras and/or burglar alarms is a crucial first step to beefing your line of defense against looters. While basic security systems may not initially steer vandals or thieves clear from your store, it may force them to give their actions a second thought, or at the least could provide efficient evidence that can lead to their capture. Studies have shown that burglars are 60% more likely to leave a targeted building alone if they detect security cameras or surveillance equipment.

3. Beef Up Your Exterior Security

It’s one thing to be aware of where criminals can break in or install a few security cameras, but it’s entirely another thing to actually protect your business in the event of a looting. That’s where investing in the latest security technology will give you your money’s worth. Security window film (good), forced entry protection (better), or bullet-resistant shields (best) can beef up your business’s line of defense.

The bottom line is, the less protected you are against looting, the greater the consequences will be if you fall victim to it!

4. Consider Security Personnel

If the area or neighborhood of your business is exceptionally vulnerable to looting, then it might be worth considering consulting with a protection agency. While the cost of payrolling security guards is far from budget friendly, staffing them will provide a physical deterrent for robbers or vandals, and may give you peace of mind to not have to deal with any intruders or solicitors yourself. However, utilizing protection agency services far from guarantees safety and protection, and could also wind up raising the cost of your insurance plan.

5. Know Your Protocol

Even if you’ve done the necessary preventative measures to defend your business against looting, it’s important to know proper protocol in the event that disaster does strike. For starters, dealing with looters directly is dangerous and could lead to a variety of hazardous consequences. Waiting for authorities to respond accordingly is generally recommended as the overall safest course of action. In addition to contacting the proper authorities, reviewing your business insurance plans to determine whether or not your store will be covered in the event of looting is also a must.

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Instead of assuming safety or worrying about security, why not do your best to protect the business you love? At Elite Security Glazing, we make defending your workplace against unwanted intruders our top priority.

If you’re interested in learning how to defend your business against looting, contact us today for a free consultation, or give us a call at 651-490-1060 to let a security professional answer all your questions or concerns.   

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