How to Prevent Burglars From Breaking Into Your Business
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How to Prevent Burglars From Breaking Into Your Business

Taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to burglars requires observant maintenance, routine inspections, and state-of-the-art preventative equipment. To avoid becoming one of the nearly ten percent of small business owners who experience theft or burglary every year, it’s important to know how exceptional window security, monitoring systems, and general preservation will keep criminals at bay.

Understanding what burglars look for before breaking and entering can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or an early morning on the phone with police and insurance companies. So let’s take a look at how you can boost your business’s line of defense against unwanted intruders.

Safe & Secure Windows

First things first, pristine window protection is a crucial necessity for defending your business against burglars. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, burglars gain entry to residences or businesses through a first-floor window in nearly 25 percent of reported breaking-and-entering cases.

Applying burglar-resistant glazing to all exterior windows will provide high-performance defense against any attempts at physical damage. Products like DefenseLite and BulletShield are custom made to fit over your existing windows and doors, securing vulnerable entry points.

Be sure to also lock your windows after you leave, and check your windows to make sure they’re void of any structures or landscaping that could limit a burglar’s visibility while attempting to break in.

Exterior & Interior Lighting

Keeping your business illuminated at night is a simple, yet often overlooked component of avoiding burglary. Flood lights, motion-sensored lights, and outdoor LED lights are generally the most common sources for security lighting. Any exterior fixtures that are vulnerable to damage, such as windows, entryways, or garage doors, should receive ample lighting at night.

The placement and permanence of your lighting is important as well, as any lights within reach or unprotected can easily be defaced. Keeping interior lights on while you’re away is also recommended for deterring trespassers. 

Surveillance & Alarm Technology

The National Retail Federation reports that around 75 percent of retail stores are equipped with either burglar alarms or digital video recorders as their primary security system. Alarm systems that can notify you and the authorities of a break-in are becoming more increasingly common to find, and surveillance video recorders could help provide evidence in the event a burglar does find a way inside.

While these forms of security technology can help your peace of mind, it’s recommended surveillance cameras and alarm systems be accompanied with more physical, preventive lines of defense, such as forced entry resistant windows and doors.   

General Maintenance & Upkeep

Sometimes taking a step outside and looking at your business through the eyes of a burglar can help you determine any features or furnishings susceptible to being broken into.

●        Do all your locks look rusty and appear like they haven’t been changed in years?

●        Are there any overgrown trees, bushes, or shrubbery in need of trimming so burglars can’t take advantage of the natural shelter?

●        Can a dumpster be easily moved near a wall to gain roof access?

●        Are there no warning signs displayed to inform intruders what would happen if they attempted to break in?

Performing routine inspections with a burglar checklist is an easy, yet effective security measure. 

Secure All Valuables

The last line of defense against a burglar is ensuring all valuables inside your business are safe and secure at all times. This means depositing money into your banks as soon as possible, storing cash and other valuables into safes or lock boxes, and speaking with your insurance provider about theft and burglary protection. 

Protect Your Business From Burglars Today

To guarantee the best results for preventive measures against burglary and theft, contact Elite Security Glazing today to book a free consultation to help us weigh your window security options.

We have a variety of window protection options, from 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films (good), to DefenseLite (better), to BulletShield (best), that will accommodate you with cost-efficient solutions to align with your company’s needs. With our innovative security glazing technology and expert installation services, we’re ready to provide your business with pristine protection against intruders and criminals alike.

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