How to Make Your Storefront Windows Shatterproof.

How to Make Your Storefront Windows Shatterproof.

Your storefront must be protected as a business owner. It took you years of hard work, money, and long hours to get your store the success it currently has. However, the unfortunate truth is that this nest egg you’ve worked so hard to build can be ruined within a 90-second burglary.

When this much is at stake, you should consider adding protection to your storefront windows. Even a buffer of 30-seconds from a serious burglar can make a difference in saving your store.

Let’s look at how an Elite Security Glazing install can make your storefront windows shatterproof!

Security Film

Security Film is the base-level protection you can install on your storefront windows. By no means is it indestructible, but it can keep a would-be smash-and-grab robber at bay long enough to call emergency services.

Security Film consists of a polyester, micro-layered product. This film applies directly to your existing windows for a clean finish. Security Film is practically invisible, so a would-be robber won’t even realize it until they attempt to break the glass!


Defenslite is a definite step up from Security Film. Whether it’s from a lone burglar looking for an opportunity in the dead of night or a riot-filled street seeking destruction in their path, Defenslite offers superior protection. Installing this highly durable polycarbonate shield mount to your existing windows will definitely make your storefront windows shatterproof.

Defenslite helps protect your store from forced entry and dangerous debris kicking up in a storm. In addition to ballistic damage, Defenslite provides a couple of quality-of-life upgrades such as UV protection, helping keep your store cooler. Lastly, Defenslite is so thick that it can block out pesky street noise!


You need the very best when it comes to protecting your store. Maybe burglars make a habit of targeting your store, or you do business in a neighborhood with high crime rates. Either way, get the window protection used on government buildings and schools with Bulletshield!

Bulletshield is retrofitted to your existing windows, creating a barrier able to withstand rounds from a 9MM, .44 Magnum, AR 15 bullets, and much more!

Achieve Shatterproof Windows with Elite Security Glazing

When you want the peace of mind of a protected store 24/7, contact Elite Security Glazing! Additionally, check out demo videos for a clearer picture of our defenses.

Book a free consultation online or give us a call at 612-655-2591 today!

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