Best Options for Restaurant Window Protection

Best Options for Restaurant Window Protection

Starting a successful restaurant is no walk in the park. Years are spent perfecting the menu, designing the aesthetic, finding the right location and equipment, hiring a trusted staff, and nailing the marketing campaign. Even if you do all this right, success will not flourish overnight.

When building your restaurant's reputation and serving the public, a lot is asked from you without getting much in return right away. The last thing you need is a burglary throwing a wrench into your delicate and long-standing plan.

Your restaurant's windows may act as a portrait of your bustling business but can also be a focal point for intruders. Let’s look at Elite Security Glazing’s best options for restaurant window protection!

Security Film

Security Film is the base of window protection. This style is excellent for initiating window protection on a new restaurant or if your establishment is in a low-crime or low-density part of town. Security Film contains a micro-layered, polyester-based material that slips right onto your existing windows. Security Film is invisible to the naked eye once installed, so an intruder will even know why it’s so hard to break in!

The average window film in the United States is eight millimeters, while our Security Film stands out at 23 millimeters! Additionally, Security Film helps block out UV rays, keeping your interior from fading and your customers cool and comfy.


Defenslite is a step up from Security Film. Instead of applying a film over the existing window, Defenselite is a heavy-duty polycarbonate shield ready to mount on your restaurant glass. With additional anchors, films, and structural adhesives, Defenslite bolsters your restaurant windows, negates forced entry, and defends against heavy windstorms and dangerous projectiles.

Additionally, Defenselite has a more significant effect on UV blocking and even muffles street noise!


If your restaurant sits in a high-risk area, BulletShield may be your only option for ultimate protection. This mount is retrofitted to your existing windows, shielding your restaurant from the toughest projectiles. BulletShield is a clear description of its strength as it can withstand shots from a 9MM, AR-15, and a .44 Magnum.

BulletShield will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your restaurant will be safe day in and day out.

Let Elite Security Glazing Help Protect Your Restaurant

If you need more evidence on the strength of Security Film, Defesnslite, and BulletShield, check out our demo videos!

Book a free consultation online or give us a call at 612-655-2591 today!

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