How to Reinforce a Glass Door

How to Reinforce a Glass Door

One of the main priorities of running a business is satisfying your customers while handling your goods and services efficiently and effectively. What’s even more critical at times is protecting your goods and services from would-be burglars trying to make a quick buck off all your hard work and years of effort.

The glass door on your storefront is a great focal point. Pedestrians on the street get a quick view of the products you sell, which may catch their eye, landing your business. The same variable can be applied to intruders. A glass door provides an easy target that's vulnerable to being smashed by a crowbar or even a rock break-in.

When you have a glass door in your storefront, you need to beef it up with some sort of reinforcement. Check out Elite Security Glazing’s best options to reinforce your glass door!

Security Film

Security Film is the base level of reinforcement you may apply to your glass door. Made by 3-M, Security Film contains a polyester-based, micro-layered material that applies directly to your existing glass door.

Security Film is invisible to people who don’t know it's there. The only way to really see a security film is when someone tries to break in, which will leave them with a rude awakening! This base layer of protection will help keep a would-be burglar at bay for 15-45 seconds, giving you ample time for reaction.


Are you looking for more than just a little protection against would-be intruders? Then you may want to consider installing DefenseLite in your business’ glass door. DefenseLite is an advanced forced entry protection system made of a highly durable polycarbonate shield. With the help of a trusted professional, this DefensLite shield can be mounted on any glass door.

Not only can it give you added protection from intruders, but it also assists in noise and UV rays reduction!


Are you for the apex of glass door protection? Then BulletShield is what you’re after. BulletShield offers an impenetrable layer that can withstand rounds from 9MM, AR-15, and .44 magnum bullets, not to mention every handheld weapon you can think of. Installed with mechanical anchors, all-weather adhesives, and high-performance films, worrying about intruders will be a thing of the past!

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