5 Advantages of Installing Security Film on Your Windows and Doors
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5 Advantages of Installing Security Film on Your Windows and Doors

No matter how long you’ve been in business without experiencing a catastrophe, studies show it’s just a matter of time before the unfortunate could strike. FBI statistics report one burglary happening every 25.7 seconds in the U.S., and FEMA has stated that 40 percent of small businesses that experience damage from a natural disaster never reopen.

Taking the necessary precautions to protect your business from break-ins or accidents can make the difference between prosperity or tragedy. Which is why installing security film on your windows and doors could be all you need to avoid unforeseen setbacks.

Let’s take a look at five advantages shatterproof glass film can provide for you!

1. Window Security Film Delays Invasions

It’s safe to assume most burglars want to gain entry into their targeted establishment as soon as possible. One of the distinct advantages security film can provide for your windows and doors is significantly delaying a burglar’s process of invasion.

Properly installed security window film will keep a vandal busy for an extra 15 to 45 seconds, which could be enough time for you, a passerby, or authorities to respond, or deter the burglar from pursuing entry. When every second is precious during a robbery, that notable delay can make or break an invader’s success.

2. It Reduces Shatter

Crowbars, rocks, tree branches; the list of items that can forcefully or naturally break your windows is nearly infinite. This is where shatterproof film professionally installed directly over your windows will save the day.

Just eight-millimeters of shatterproof glass film can drastically reduce the possibility of shattering, and help protect your windows from becoming a pool of broken glass.

While it may look deceiving to the untrained eye, a couple strikes with a tire iron or brick against our immensely durable polyester-based, micro-layered security window films will make any burglar think twice about breaking and entering.

3. Security Film Can Help Diminish Natural Damage 

The Insurance Information Institute reported that natural disasters caused nearly $50 billion in damages across the United States, including $25 billion in insurance losses.

While we can never be fully prepared for when weather does its worst, it never hurts knowing you’ve boosted your window and door defense with strong and sturdy security film. The tear-resistant fabric embedded into each security window film binds and holds glass fragments in place, substantially reducing property damage in the event of hazardous weather and storms.

4. It Maintains Your Business's Appearance

You don’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of your business’s building in order to enhance its line of protection. One of the best parts of having one of our professionally trained experts install security film for your windows or doors is that because the film is directly placed over the furnishings, the appearance of your establishment won’t be altered in any way. You’ll be able to rest assured that while your business still looks the same, its security has significantly strengthened.

5. Best of All, Security Window Film Provides Peace of Mind

One thing you can never put a price on is the assurance that your business is better protected whenever you’re away from it. Our window security film is designed to increase your business’s defense against whatever obstacles life brings, and help you sleep better at night.

Contact Elite Security Glazing today to receive a free consultation and find the perfect window protection plan for your business!

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