3 Options to Upgrade Security at Your Business in 2022

3 Options to Upgrade Security at Your Business in 2022

You’ve put countless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears into your business over the years. Sadly, all of that time and effort can be taken away from you when a burglar breaks into your store and steals or destroys all of your merchandise or tools.

With so much at stake, business owners need protective measures in place to assure their livelihood doesn’t catch flame.

Here are three ways you can upgrade your business’ security in 2022!

1. Security Film

The first option line of defense you should consider is a security film for windows. This film is installed over your existing window to provide a shatterproof layer of protection.

Made by 3M, security film is a polyester-base, micro-layered product that comes in different grades of thickness and UV protection. The thickest security film width you can find is 23 millimeters, while the average is around eight millimeters.

Security film won’t stop a would-be burglar forever. However, it can keep these would-be burglars outside of your building for up to a minute, which gives you enough time to call the authorities.

2. DefenseLite

A step above security film would be DefenseLite window protection. Made out of a polycarbonate shield, DefenseLite can be mounted on your existing windows to give them a superior line of defense.

The installation process takes more steps than security film, as DefenseLite is made of multilayer films, structural adhesives, and anchors that are retrofitted to your window,

More steps for installation means better protection. DefenseLite will give your storefront protection from forced entry attempts, debris from windstorms, and even noise pollution from a busy street!

Additionally, DefenseLite will give the inside of your store protection from the sun’s UV rays!

3. BulletShield

When you want guaranteed protection from any kind of entry whatsoever, BulletShield is the right choice of protection for you.

Bulletshield is installed much like DefenseLite, only much stronger. This type of window defense is used for government buildings, courthouses, and schools, to name a few. And for good reason!

BlueShield offers a bullet-resistant layer that can stand up to 9MM, AR-15, and .44 magnum rounds. So, when you want your store to be protected no matter the tools of the intruder, BulletShield is a must!

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