Will Window Security Film Change the Way a Storefront Looks?
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Will Window Security Film Change the Way a Storefront Looks?

So you’re thinking about installing some protection to your storefront. After all, you’ve sunk blood, sweat, and tears – along with a good chunk of your life savings – into your business. You’re not about to lose it all now.

You’ve come across products that protect your doors and windows, such as security film, and it piques your interest. However, you may have some concerns as to the aesthetic effects of such security.

If you’re curious about how window security film will change the appearance of your storefront, you’ve come to the right place!

Window Security Film Basics

Before we get into how the security film affects your storefront, let’s go over the basics of it first!

Made by 3M, security film is a micro-layer, polyester-based product that is applied to your existing windows. With an average thickness of eight-millimeters, window security film offers a good amount of protection to your storefront windows.

How Much Protection Does Security Film Offer?

Security film has two separate applications on your window, with one on the outside and one on the inside. With these two strong layers of security, the bad guys won’t even know it’s there until they try to force entry.

Security film is in no way bulletproof. However, it can buy you 30-45 seconds or longer if a would-be burglar is trying to shoot their way in. That’s enough time to respond properly and call the authorities before your business is looted.

Security film is best at keeping would-be burglars with melee weapons at bay. No single brick throw or crowbar swing will give an intruder immediate access when you have security film installed.

If you want to see a security film in action, check out our demo video!

Will Security Film Change the Way My Storefront Looks?

The simple answer is no, unless you want it to!

You don’t have to sacrifice the original look of your storefront in order to gain protection, but there’s always the option to add a little flare. Window security film comes in a variety of different colors and thickness options to choose from. Additionally, security film provides UV protection and light permeation.

Not only do you get the option to change the appearance of the storefront or not, but you also receive protection from UV rays!

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