4 Ways DefenseLite Can Protect Your Business

4 Ways DefenseLite Can Protect Your Business

Your business is your livelihood. Your life savings were put into your business, along with countless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears. However, all that time and effort could be in vain if a burglar simply smashes your storefront window, taking all your hard work with them.

There are ways to combat burglars from taking away your livelihood and that’s with DefenseLite! And because it’s so durable, DefenseLite can protect your facility from all sorts of threats.

Let’s take a look at all four ways DefenseLite can protect your business!

1. Prevent Forced Entry

When criminals target your store, they can easily smash your window in with a simple rock. You may have an alarm system set up, but they could be gone by the time the police arrive. The same goes for when a riot breaks out. People can seize the opportunity by smashing and grabbing your product before you even know they’re in your store.

DefenseLite is retrofitted over your existing windows to create a near-indestructible shield. Made of polycarbonate and anchored into the window’s existing frame, DefenseLite will prevent forced entry from happening.

Blows from a baseball bat or crowbar will merely scuff your windows, while rounds from a small-caliber gun only penetrate after a dozen rounds, leaving you plenty of time to call the popper authorities. Check out a video demonstration of DefenseLite for yourself!

2. Reduce Sound Transfer

If your business is located in an area with high traffic both on the road and the sidewalk, chances are there’s too much sound pollution inside your store. One way DefenseLite protects your business is by protecting you and your customer’s ears!

The highly durable polycarbonate shield helps reduce street noise in your store by as much as 50%.

3. High Winds and Severe Weather

Usually, business windows are smashed intentionally to gain forced entry. However, nature can sometimes be the culprit!

DefenseLite, much like BulletShield, is highly resistant to heavy ballistic contact, offering protection from things like branches and other debris that can fly around during a severe storm.

4. The Sun's UV Rays

Although DefenseLite is a clear shield, its proprietary high-optic UV coating prevents the sun’s rays from impeding on your store.

When the summertime is in full swing, it can be hard keeping your storefront cool. Blocking UV rays with DefenseLite will help regulate the temperature within your store, keeping your customers cool and comfy.

Contact Elite Security Glazing to Help Protect Your Business

Does your business need protection from would-be robbers or mother nature? Contact Elite Security Glazing! We offer installation on various types of window protection for your business, from security film (good) to DefenseLite (better) and BulletShield (best).

Book a free consultation online or give us a call at 612-655-2591 today!

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