5 Benefits of Creating a Bullet-Resistant Storefront
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5 Benefits of Creating a Bullet-Resistant Storefront

Your business is your livelihood. You have invested your time and money in making the American dream come true. Sadly, all your hard work can be taken in an instant by an opportunistic robber with a gun.

Whether you’re in the store or not, the robber can easily gain access by shooting out your glass windows. With the time saved breaking in, there’s no telling what kind of damage and how much merchandise the robber may have stolen.

No matter which way you slice it, they have stolen your livelihood. The good news is that there’s a way to combat would-be intruders and that’s with bullet-resistant window coating!

Here are five reasons to make your storefront bullet resistant!

1. Maximum Protection From Guns

When you install BulletShield to your storefront windows, you gain maximum protection. This windshield can withstand rounds from all types of guns, including .44 and AR-15 bullets!

In our demonstration video, the BulletShield was able to withstand five rounds from a .38 Special, nine rounds from a 9MM, and 17 rounds from an AR-15 without any penetration.

2. Impenetrable Against Melee Weapons

The other two types of window protection we specialize in, security film and DefenseLite, do an outstanding job when it comes to protecting your storefront from would-be attackers. The problem is that their defense only lasts so long before entry is possible. Of course, this gives you enough time to react and call authorities, but it doesn’t offer bulletproof protection.

With BulletShield, robbers entering through your windows are a non-issue. As seen in our demonstration video, the BulletShield mount withstood over 30 rounds of ammo, not to mention dozens of blows from various melee weapons.

3. Installed Over Existing Windows

Whether you have just one window to protect or an entire glass storefront, choosing to upgrade to BulletShield will not be an issue! Bulletshield can be installed right over existing windows, providing a retrofit solution.

4. Save Your Regular Glass

With heavy, bulletproof shielding and mechanical anchors for support, BulletShield not only protects your storefront but may also save your window as a whole! When a would-be robber attempts to penetrate your window, the shield may take damage, but in many cases, the window underneath will be saved.

5. UV Protection

BulletShield is made up of a UV-blocking material that can filter out the hot sun on summer days. Keep your store protected from the heat and noise of the street as well as would-be robbers!

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