4 Reasons MN Business Owners Choose Elite Glazing for Window Protection

4 Reasons MN Business Owners Choose Elite Glazing for Window Protection

Owning a business is part of the American dream that few get to pursue, and fewer actually succeed. In today’s world, you never know when disaster may strike, causing you to lose money from the biggest investment you may ever make.

Elite Security Glazing is here to help! Here are four reasons why you should choose us to help protect your business.

Advanced Window Protection for Businesses

At Elite Security Glazing, we offer three levels of protection for your business’s windows.

Good: Security Film

Security window film is our most basic form of window protection, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done for your business, depending on the level of window security you’re looking for. A certified 3M product, this polyester-based film is applied to your existing windows, and is available in different grades for thickness and level of protection.

Whether a window is impacted intentionally or by accident, security film will hold the glass together to prevent shattering. It can deter burglars or looters for 15-45 seconds – or altogether. As a bonus, security window film offers UV protection as well.

Better: DefenseLite

DefenseLite is our second strongest window security mount. Made out of polycarbonate, this shield is practically invisible. Attackers to your business won’t know it’s basically impenetrable until they try and smash it themselves, which they will have little to no luck with.

DefenseLite also can help protect your business from flying storm debris, harmful UV rays, and even street noise!

Best: BulletShield

The strongest out of our three defense options, BulletShield will withstand almost anything a would-be attacker has up their sleeve. Multi-layered films, structural adhesives, and secured anchors hold down this advanced system of window protection.

BulletShield is so strong it can withstand multiple rounds of different calibers, even rounds from an AR-15. Check out our demo videos and see which type of protection suits you!

We Specialize in Window Protection

Our sister companies Sun Control of MN and Elite Tinting & Graphics specialize in residential homes and automobiles, respectively. At Elite Security Glazing, we are the experts to help protect windows at your business!

Multiple Locations

We have two Minnesota locations in St. Paul and Rochester and another location in Hudson, Wisconsin.


We are a 3M-certified, full-service company. That means we cut out the middle man by making in-house measurements and installing our film or shields, all with the same team.

Our process means our products are customizable, so whatever your situation calls for, let us know!

Get Added Protection and Peace of Mind

Your business is your livelihood, and you deserve to have peace of mind for your investment. Our window films and shields are 250 times stronger than regular windows to ensure your merchandise and employees are safe and secure.


To start protecting your business, visit us online or call us at 612-655-2591 to set up a free consultation today.

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