Should Your Business Use Security Shutters?
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Should Your Business Use Security Shutters?

After a significant spike in the overall crime rate in 2020, more and more Minnesotan businesses are beginning to reexamine their approach to various security measures, such as proficient window protection and bullet-resistant glass. One of the biggest motives for beefing up commercial security has been the specific rise in property crime over the past year, which increased by 10% in 2020. As a result of this unprecedented escalation in criminality, cities such as Minneapolis are finally pulling back on previously initiated restrictions that deprived businesses from various forms of exterior security protection.

One of these precautionary measures are security shutters, stemming from a new Minneapolis ordinance that overturned a prior ban on external security equipment. While security shutters are nothing new when it comes to commercial safety precautions, it’s important to weigh their pros and cons when considering investing in such exterior security measures.

To get a better sense of their advantages and disadvantages when compared to other forms of commercial safety equipment, let’s breakdown whether or not your business should use security shutters.

Convenience Versus Cost

Arguably the biggest benefit business owners can reap from security shutters, other than the extra security, is how convenient they are. Once they’ve been installed, they’re as simple as rolling them down and locking them up after closing, then unlocking them and rolling them up in the morning.

For business owners content with doing the bare minimum to protect their valuables and ensure their safety, it’s hard to argue that investing in security shutters isn’t worth it. But just how much does that convenience cost?

It’s estimated that roll-up security shutters or gates can cost up to $40,000 to be installed and operated, and that doesn’t even account for general maintenance fees after they’ve been installed. It also doesn’t include the cost of other essential security measures, such as alarm systems of surveillance cameras.

Accommodation vs. Appearance

As previously mentioned, security shutters are extremely accommodating as a means of commercial safety precaution. They create a distinct, gated barrier between potential burglars or looters and your store, and generally serve as one big obstacle any amateur thief would have to overcome in order to gain access inside.

If your top priority is to reduce the odds of any quick, smash and grab-type of burglaries, then security shutters could suffice as a productive security effort.

However, there are multiple unforeseen consequences after installing security shutters over your commercial property. For starters, the sheer presence of security shutters indicates there’s a high probability of crime occurring in the area, which can have an inadverted effect on customers, causing them to be hesitant or concerned to enter your store.

In addition to how off-putting security shutters can look, security shutters also inform any burglars that the store is unoccupied, signaling to them they can take their time to find a way inside without getting caught.

Security Versus Safety

In the end, security shutters are intended to dissuade intruders from attempting to enter the premises, and can help reduce the probability of any general break-ins. They tend to be more valuable to outlet or strip mall stores, or any building-types with two or less points of entry and no roof access. But for bigger and more accessible commercial properties, security shutters only tend to solve one or two security issues when there are often several, if not dozens, at hand.

While security shutters work great externally, internally they can be detrimental in the event of a fire or any other form of natural disaster, denying entry or exit to anyone trying to help outside or inside the property. In addition to potential safety concerns, security shutters don’t necessarily mean sufficient window protection, leaving glass still vulnerable to being shattered or shot at.


If you’re looking for proactive security measures that won’t alter your property’s appearance while applying proficient protection services, then perhaps security shutters aren’t worth such an expensive investment. Other methods of preventative security equipment that won’t diminish the look of your store including security window film, bullet-resistant glazing, or shatterproof barriers.

When you need state-of-the-art security protection for your commercial property, Elite Security Glazing has the resources and expertise necessary to defend your business from rampant crime. Contact us today to learn more about how we can boost your company’s line of defense, or give us a call at 651-490-1060 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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